Treatments practiced in Quan Acupuncture & Pain Relief Clinic

Our Clinic services offer individual treatments. The first visit starts with an intake consultation,  a therapy practitioner will using different methods based on patient's health issues information, then give a proper treatment with by such as Acupuncture, Cupping, TCM herbal medicine, and Manual therapy/Medical massage etc..  As a nationally certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine; Dr. Quan has the background, education and experiences in western and eastern medicine. He is able to integrate western health care with oriental medical care and he specialize in pain relief, include headache/migraines, neck, shoulder, lower back, sciatica, arthritis, and vertigo, insomnia etc.

Jing Gao, as a holistic healthcare practitioner and licensed professional massage therapist, she has mastered in holistic healthcare experiences and own her healing hands for take caring your mental, emotional and inter of body functions. Her treatment methods start with a TCM consultation, she will discuss your health issue detailly, then follow her treatment with herbal formula combine Asian bodywork therapy( a kind of medical massage), essential oils or Reflexology on foot and ear may be applying,  or cupping therapy as well.​

Please make an appointment with a therapy practitioner for a valuable consultation and knowledge about your health issues.  Dial at 480-430-8610 or 602-393-8022.


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