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After working 28 years as a letter carrier for the US Postal Service, I was sometimes experiencing numbness and tingling in my left fingers, and hand and forearm. I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Quan since early June of 2016. With each appointment, I notice improvement in diminishing the numbness and tingling. I have found the series of appointments to important so that I can maintain the progress I gain.  _ Mary, in Phoenix, AZ  

 Back spasms that were incapacitating continued to worsen. I tried a lot of remedies, including acupuncture at one of those chain clinics (more like spas). Urgent care and a shot of Toradol finally took the edge off, but my back was still super tender. A friend recommended Dr. Quan and after seeing him once, my pain vanished in about 24 to 48 hours. I won't lie. The session was painful.  But it was also soooo incredibly worth it. Dr. Quan is a very gifted practitioner whom I highly recommend.   __ Laura D.  Phoenix, AZ

Quan Acupuncture & Pain Relief Clinic Testimonials

"I have had sciatic pain for years and have tried a number of cures. These cures include Yoga, physical therapy, stretch classes, and Pilates. Even though these classes and visits gave me some relief, none have worked as well as Quan's acupuncture. Quan Liang has helped relieve the discomfort and given me back the mobility I once had. I wake up in the morning and no longer have a one-hour period of time where I need to just stretch so I can walk. I actually felt the difference after one visit. I was skeptical of acupuncture and never seriously considered it an option. A very good friend recommended Quan Acupuncture. I am excited about the results and am extremely pleased with his philosophy of healing. My visits have decreased and the results have held." Quan Acupuncture & Pain Relief Clinic testimonials. Testimonials in Phoenix.

"Dr. Quan Liang helped me through two health crises when traditional Western medicine failed me. In the summer of 2008, I had c-diff (clostridium difficult colitis) complicated by my immune system overreaction which resulted in extreme swelling and inflammation in my knees and ankles. I could not take a step without extreme pain. The drug Flagyl cured the c-diff, but left me without any appetite at a time when I needed nutrition desperately. The inflammation and swelling remained and taking medication to curb that was out of the question - no doctor wanted to curb my immune system at a time when I had just been fighting off the c-diff. That's when I came to Dr. Liang. He prescribed herbal teas and pills which immediately restored my appetite. He also used acupuncture and acupressure to help reduce the swelling and inflammation in my legs. I noticed significant improvement after each treatment. I got back to my normal weight and back out on the dance floor - thanks to him! Over the course of 2001 I developed food allergies which presented as large patches of eczema on my arms, neck, and chest. I was able to eliminate the  problem foods from my diet, but again I turned to Dr. Liang. I noticed significant healing of the rash after each round of herbal tea and acupuncture."

"I had been on several years of daily maintenance medication for lymphocytic colitis after some long suffering and testing. Quan has worked with an internal problem that I can't see the change, but I can attest to how much better I feel. I haven't had to use medication now for several weeks and I feel so good." 

"My dry/eye tearing problem was resolved on my first visit! I had used steroid eye drops, OTC eye drops of every variety, and taken low dose antibiotics for over a year with no resolve... I haven't used any eye drops in two months!" 

"I have been seeing Quan Liang to relieve the symptoms of Crohn's disease. The relief of my symptoms I have experienced as a result of his treatments has been outstanding."